Investing in Bahrain

Lately, the Middle East region has been withdrawing large chunks of investments from all over the world. The global investors feel secure investing in economies backed by oil reserves.

The kingdom of Bahrain is one of the top performers in the foreign direct investment race. Bahrain has one of the highest FDI stock-GDP ratios in the entire region and is wide open to foreign investment. This, along with other economic indicators and regulatory laws, the Kingdom of Bahrain remains one of the most trusted places to invest in.

Why Invest in Bahrain?

The Middle East region is full of oil-rich economies such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc. Why should one feel the urge to invest money in Bahrain then?

The main reason for Bahrain’s success is its high FDI ratio. The Kingdom of Bahrain is wide open to global investors and possesses one of the highest FDI stock-GDP ratios in the Gulf region. The economic measures of the Kingdom included the practices of making an open and regulatory business environment that embraces global investors.

A UNCTAD study reported Bahrain’s FDI inflows to be 1.51 billion USD in 2018 compared to 1.42 in the year 2017. The report proves that the kingdom is progressing slowly but steadily in terms of foreign direct investment.

Source: UNCTAD

Note: Green Field Investments the Foreign Direct Investments Where a Parent Company Starts a New Venture in a Foreign Country By Building New Operational Facilities From Scratch. **** Gross Fixed Capital Formation (GFCF) Measures the Net Increase in Fixed Capital.

There isn’t one, but many reasons for the dominance of Bahrain in terms of attracting global investments in such huge amounts. The following are the main advantages of investing in Bahrain.

The Main Advantages of Investing in Bahrain

Following are the main reason of investing in Bahrain:

Strategic Location:

The Kingdom of Bahrain lies in the heart of the Middle East region with easy access to the other booming economies via land, air, and sea. Bahrain’s markets are connected to these huge economies and it allows the businessmen of Bahrain to leverage the resources available in the region. The business center of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, is merely a 4-hour drive away, UAE can be reached in a single hour’s flight, and Qatar is at the mere distance of 92.6 km by sea.

Extra Low Costs:

One of the major concerns of investors is the cost as the cost is inversely proportional to the profits. The lesser the costs are, the more the profits will be. Bahrain’s economy is the lowest in terms of the basic costs. The rental costs of offices and industrial spaces are the lowest in the Gulf region. Added to this benefit, the cost of living and basic facilities such as gas, water, and electricity is supported by the subsidies. All of these factors make a huge impact on the increase in overall profits.

The Educated Work Force:

The workforce is one of the most important factors while working in an Arab country. The foreign investors are reluctant to bring in foreign labor as it costs more. Bahrain offers an educated, skilled, and efficient workforce within its citizens. This allows investors to cut on spending money on foreign labor and save more profits.

Business Friendly Community:

The kingdom of Bahrain welcomes all the nations irrespective of their origin or geographic location with open arms. The fact that all the neighboring countries invest in Bahrain as much as the overseas countries prove that the country has a business-friendly community.

Due to this foreign investing factor in Bahrain, the Kingdom has developed into a diverse business community that has the experience of the different regions around the globe.

Investment Opportunities in Bahrain:

Following the oil crises, Bahrain like the other Arab states now focuses on the growth of different business sectors such as IT, Real Estate, and many more. Here are the current hot investment opportunities in Bahrain.

Information Technology:

In a fast-developing digital world, Bahrain’s economy can’t grow without a piece in it. Currently, the government is taking measures to build an advanced IT infrastructure in the country that provides services and produces viable digital products.


As we have mentioned earlier that Bahrain lies in a strategic location close to the booming economies in the region. This makes Bahrain the best place in the Middle East regions for logistics business.

The country is blessed with a strategic location and the modern road network in the country allows the goods to transfer to the neighboring economies such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, and other major players of the Middle East.

Industrial Sector:

The skilled labor, industrial land, low energy costs, free trade agreement, and bilateral trade agreements with more than 60 countries such as France, China, Singapore, India, and others make Bahrain the gem location for industrial operations. The Gulf region countries are in the phase of speeding demands for manufactured goods and Bahrain is tailor-made to meet their demands. The advanced infrastructure of roads and sewage, skilled labor, and low gas, oil, and electricity costs make the country a hub for industrial development.

Real Estate:

The Kingdom of Bahrain eased restrictions on ownership of the land lately and this produced a surge in the real estate investments. The Kingdom is currently building 40,000 housing units in different villages and towns in the Kingdom. The low cost of living and availability of basic resources such as electricity and gas has made Bahrain a hot place for investing in real estate.

How Arabian Gulf Investment can help?

The Kingdom of Bahrain is undoubtedly a hot place to invest in the Middle East, but one might wonder how to invest in Bahrain? The consultancy companies help global investors in making smooth investments in the Middle East countries such as Bahrain.

Arabian Gulf Investment is one of the leading companies that help foreign investors make safe bets on various investment opportunities and minimize the risk as much as possible.

What Arabian Gulf Investments Offer?

Arabian Gulf Investments is a group of serial entrepreneurs armored with financial expertise and a passion for helping global investments penetrate Bahrain and other Middle East countries.

The cultural influence of the Kingdom of Bahrain affects the business practices inside the region heavily. Arabian Gulf Investment constitutes people well aware of the culture of the country and consults the investors to leverage it efficiently.

Sell-Side Consulting

Arabian Gulf Investment is a hybrid consultancy agency that provides sell-side as well as buy-side investment guides. If you are looking to sell an asset in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Arabian Gulf Investments will be by your side during the entire selling process so that you don’t make any wrong decision.

Buy-Side Consulting

Real Estate is one of the booming opportunities in the Kingdom of Bahrain. However, there are various locations in the country offering different kinds of properties. What Arabian Gulf Investments does is cruise the entire region and present you with the most profitable locations. The team of Arabian Gulf Investments helps you make a smooth buying deal with a local dealer in a professional as well as a cultural manner.

Arabian Gulf Investment’s State-of-the-Art Private Investment Marketplace

Arabian Gulf Investment not only helps investors make smart bets but also provides a digital state-of-the-art private investment marketplace. The digital feasibility of making investments in the region provided by Arabian Gulf Investment virtual investment platform makes the process super easy.

Arabian Gulf Investment provides a digital marketplace that allows its users access to exclusive off-market and regional transactions.

Through such exclusive investment opportunities and consulting services, Arabian Gulf Investment aims to create a globally trusted investment ecosystem to empower regional companies, improve transparency and uphold the integrity and confidentiality of the regional marketplace.

Benefits of working with Arabian Gulf Investment:

Working with Arabian Gulf Investments will surely be an amazing experience for you. Here are some of the core benefits of working with us:

  • Access to Exclusive Opportunities
  • Complete Transparency
  • Compliance with the Regulatory Standards
  • Secure Transactions
  • Seamless Process for Buying & Selling
  • Full Support from Corporate Finance Experts
  • Detailed Investment Tracking and Performance Reporting





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