Investing in Qatar | Qatar Investment Opportunities 2019

Looking for opportunities to invest in Qatar? Officially known as the state of Qatar, is a small but well-developed country located in Western Asia. The country has a strong foothold in the economy of the Middle East and strives to become one of the leading business countries of the world. Qatar’s total population in 2017 was reported a total of 2.6 million: 2.3 million non-Qataris and 313,000 Qatari nationals.

Qatar has the world’s third-largest natural gas reserves and oil reserves and also maintains the status of the country with the highest per capital income in the world. United Nations declared the country as a high human development state and as the most advanced Arab state for human development.


Investing in Qatar | A Great Opportunity:

Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world. It is a developed area that has always aimed to be as business friendly as possible. The two main pillars of Qatar’s huge booming economies are oil and gas. The country’s economy heavily depends on oil as 85% of the government’s exports, 70% of the government’s earnings and 60% of the GDP is made up of Oil. However, the government is focused on other economic resources such as tourism and transport as well. Qatar’s financial status is a strong one and the massive exports make the country the wealthiest on person basis. Leveraging such as high economic conditions, Qatar aims to become one of the leading global business countries. The government has been taking serious measures to ensure the flow of direct foreign investments.


Foreign Direct Investment in Qatar

Qatar’s first steps towards making the state an investment magnet were stabilizing the government, maintain a stable currency against USD, introduce one of the lowest corporate taxes, and the promotion of high-quality infrastructure. The country recently faced a diplomatic crisis with its neighboring countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the UAE and it hurt its foreign direct investment. However, the country soon regained its trust back because of its growing economy and the massive foreign exchange reserves.


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Reasons to Invest in Qatar:

Growing Economy: Qatar’s economy is a huge one which is increasing every passing year. It is considered as one of the fastest growing economies in the world. There might be various reasons for this but the one thing this fact makes sure is to attract more global investors. The faster the economy grows the lesser it is prone to crisis. Here is a chart showing the growth of Qatar’s economy.


Tax Regime:

Taxes are the most important factor for investors to consider while doing business in a foreign country. World Bank’s Doing Business Report of 2018 ranked Qatar the number one country for its taxation regime of reducing the corporate tax to 10% along with zero personal income tax.


Qatar’s Investments in the USA:

In the past years, most of Qatar’s investments were focused on Europe. However, in recent years the state has shifted its focus more towards the USA. The state’s hundred-million-dollar investments ranged from real estate to movies and media. Qatar bought Current TV for 500 million dollars, hired 800 journalists, and introduced Al Jazeera America. Qatar Holding purchased Miramax Studios with a partnership with Filmyard Holdings in 2010. These steps furnished the power of Qatar’s relationship with the USA and promoted its expansion in the global business.


Low Cost of Energy:

The cost of energy is one of the major factors affecting the revenues of any business. Qatar offers a very low cost of energy so that the businesses make as many profits as possible.


FIFA World Cup 2020:

The upcoming football world cup will be held in Qatar which will attract massive tourism as well as opportunities to invest in.


Zero Import Duty:

Qatar provides the luxury of zero import duty on spare parts, machinery, etc. for accelerating the industrial projects.


Excellent Facilities:

Qatari government provides one of the best infrastructure and telecommunication facilities in the world.


Excellent Location:

The location of Qatar provides the businessmen an opportunity to expand in the nearby advanced economies such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE.


Best Investment Opportunities in Qatar:

Qatar offers various investment opportunities to international investors. These might include energy, tourism, railway, restaurants, building material, IT, foods, maintenance services, etc. However, we have boiled down the list to the very best investment opportunities in Qatar in 2019. These are the hot areas that have a greater promise of returns of investment.


Interior Designing:

Qatar is the wealthiest country in terms of income per capita. This means that the Qatari population enjoys a luxurious lifestyle. The houses and workplaces of Qatar constantly demand to design of the international class. This makes the interior design industry a fresh and hot place to invest in. A little creativity of the design can bring an inflow of huge Qatari Riyal amounts.


Fitness Centre:

The residence of Qatar are devoted to their work and to get a relief off their working day they tend to visit fitness centers. In recent years, the fitness craze has substantially increased among the Qatari people. This makes it a hot opportunity to invest in and expect good ROI.


Restaurant Business:

2.3 million people residing in Qatar are non-Qataris. They often force their bodies to adapt to Qatari cuisine. This makes the restaurant business a hot opportunity to grab and introduce exotic dishes to the Qatari population.


Information Technology:

As Qatar strives to grow out of its oil dependence, the government has started investing in the IT technologies providing investment opportunities in Software, networking, mobile, digital entertainment, content creation, mobile wallet technology, internet and much more.



One of the strongest points of Qatar is its growing GDP so it makes sense of increasing the development of the financial sector. The government is making essential steps towards building an online global investment opportunity.


Online Investment in Qatar:

Qatar’s Stock Exchange Market is one of the most stable and growing ones in the world. The official website of Qatar Stock Exchange Market reported its record low performance in 2010 and the highest performance in 2014. Qatar Stock Market increased by 2.56% at the start of the year 2019. Here is the actual graph telling the success of Qatar Stock Market.

The Qatari government has eased the laws of foreign direct online investment in Qatar Stock Market to make strong bi-lateral business deals. The efforts towards making the global investor feel safe and secure are one of the top economic measures of the country. However, one of the main challenges one has to face is the know-how of the Qatari rules and also its business culture. Different investment services are provided throughout the country to make investment procedures smooth and easy for the people around the globe. Arabian Gulf Investments is one of the major rising companies that have successfully built trust globally.


Arabian Gulf Investments & Investing in Qatar:

Investing in Qatar may have become a lot easier after the government’s special measures. However, the culture of the Middle East is a bit different than the rest of the world. To solve this dilemma of business wired around the Arab culture Arabian Gulf Investments provide the services of a group of serial entrepreneurs possessing financial expertise as well as cultural relationships.

The company’s core mission is to provide global investors access to the region’s high growth companies.


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How It Works:

Arabian Gulf Investments compiled a group of entrepreneurs to come up with a solution for international investors looking to invest in the Gulf region. The company introduced a virtual state-of-the-art private investment marketplace allowing global investors access to exclusive off-market and regional transactions. The platform allows the investors to access to the Qatar market directly. Through this and other services Arabian Gulf Investments visions to create a globally trusted investment ecosystem to empower regional companies, improve transparency and uphold the integrity and confidentiality of the regional marketplace.

Arabian Gulf Investments offer sell-side as well as buy-side consulting services. If you need to sell your asset through a crystal clear and smooth process, Arabian Gulf Investments helps you do it the best way possible. And if you intend to make the best investment possible the buy-side consultants of Arabian Gulf Investments make sure you buy the best one at the best time possible. Arabian Gulf Investments group of serial entrepreneurs make sure that the clients don’t their lack of financial or regional knowledge hurt their investmentss

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