Investing in Saudi Arabia | A Complete Guide & Consultation

Saudi Arabia is a country which has historically depended on oil production as it’s sole economic power. The country’s economic grip on Asia has always been a coherent one but the political power foothold of the kingdom has always been a concern for some prospective foreign investors. However, the times may quickly be changing as the kingdom is experiencing fresh leadership and opening up to foreign investment.


Why Invest in Saudi Arabia?

Foreign investment reached to a whopping total of 13 billion Riyals. Billions of Riyals were sold out in Saudi stocks by the foreigners. This proved to be the biggest sell-off since 2015. The conditions for investment soon started looking brighter for global investors. Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman’s Vision 2030 plan aims to pull out the Kingdom from its dependence over crude oil production. The plan includes the completion of a total of 80 projects in the country which will lift the country up from the dependence on oil and bring infrastructure, tourism, and such economic practices as the substitute. Following are some high-level economic indicators of a positive Saudi Economy:

A Stable Stock Market:

Tadawul, the stock market of Saudi Arabia, is the largest one in the Gulf region and quite a stable one. Due to the recent spikes in foreign investment in the market, Tadawul has shown the minimum risk of a crash.

Growing GDP Growth:

The gross domestic product in Saudi Arabia reported the record low -2.14 percent in the first quarter of the year 2017. However, the economy has been growing since that and finally expanded a whopping 1.07 percent in the final quarter of the year 2018.

Huge Economy:

Saudi Economy is one of the top twenty economies in the World (G20). The country possesses the second largest proven oil reserves and exports the largest amount of petroleum in the world. The massive economy of the country minimizes the possibility of a financial disaster.


Investment Opportunities in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia offers a wide variety of business opportunities for people around the world. The following are the best investment opportunities currently applicable in the country.

Financial Services:

The financial sector of Saudi Arabia is a coherent one. The banking industry of the country hasn’t slid down even at the time of the global financial crisis. The great news for investors is that the country’s stock exchange market which is the largest in the Gulf region is actively looking for direct foreign investment. The financial industry of Saudi Arabia is currently a hot investment opportunity for investors.

Trading in Foreign Exchange:

Saudi Arabia is the largest exporter of petroleum in the world. This massive amount of exports makes the Saudi currency strong. Thus trading in foreign exchange is another hot opportunity to invest in Saudi Arabia. A foreign currency trading account can easily be opened with the help of an approved broker.

Healthcare Business

One of the main focuses of the Vision 2030 plan was to flourish the healthcare system of the country. Due to the increased spending of the government in the healthcare business, it has become one of the booming non-oil sectors of the country. Saudi Arabia has one of the largest markets of healthcare equipment in the entire Middle East which makes it an irresistible investment opportunity.

Solar Energy

Saudi Arabia lies in the area where the sun remains dominant throughout the year. This makes the region suitable for solar energy production. Due to the increased fuel pollution, the government of Saudi Arabia is also encouraging solar energy production which makes it a hot business opportunity to invest in 2019.


Another main pillar of Vision 2030 plan was to flourish education in the country as much as possible. Due to the emphasis of the government’s expenditure on the education sector, this has become another great opportunity for global investors.

Online Investment in Saudi Arabia

E-Government was yet another pillar of Vision 2030. Since then the government of Saudi Arabia has been facilitating online investment in the country. Billions of Riyal flow in the Stock Exchange Market of Saudi Arabia. The government has taken initiatives to make online investment gateways into the great stock exchange.

The market can be accessed through PC and Mac around the world. Giants such as Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse Group have opened up their offices in Riyadh. This set up acts as a hub for the brokers through the region.

A Safe and Secure Method to Invest in Saudi Arabia or Gulf Regions

Due to the increased devoted efforts of the region for the flow of foreign investment, the Gulf region and especially Saudi Arabia has become a hot growing investment ecosystem. The region has one of the most stable sets of economies around the world. However, the main challenges of the time and resources and the know-how required to get the perfect deal can delay your marketing timetable.

The solution to this is to find a local partner who is well aware of the cultural business and the regulatory landscape. This must be someone with local presence who knows the financial industry and momentum of regional economics. operated is leading consultancy companies providing the services for making investment decisions in a more efficient manner.

Arabian Gulf Investments as the Perfect Solution


As a forward-leaning organization of serial entrepreneurs who are cause-driven and devote financial expertise to every project undertaken by the organization our platform provides the services of guidance with the added benefit of strong binding regional relationships. allows global investors access to the region’s high growth companies. The website provides a virtual state-of-the-art private SME investment marketplace which allows the global investors to access exclusive off-market and regional transactions.

The Mission

Arabian Gulf Investment is a sophisticated group of passionate entrepreneurs with a tunnel vision-mission of promoting regional high growth opportunities through a virtual private investment platform, allowing global investors to access to exclusive regional transactions.

The company has the vision of cultivating a globally trusted investment ecosystem to empower regional companies, improve transparency and uphold the integrity and confidentiality of the regional marketplace.


Arabian Gulf Investments provide buy-side as well as the sell-side consulting to the investors. The company’s expert team provides insightful analysis to the investors so that they can make money off their investments.

Sell-Side Consulting:

Arabian Gulf Investments provides the services of sell-side consultants who lubricate the selling process of any assets such as bonds, stocks, and the securities. Sell-side consulting saves you time and allow you to get the best price available for your asset.

Buy-Side Consulting:

Arabian Gulf Investments provide the service of buy-side consulting ensuring that no investor makes any investment at an unfair price. AGI assesses each mandate to meet the criteria and risk appetite of each request, making sure to source quality and relevant deal flow.

Benefits of Arabian Gulf Investments

Here are the advantages of getting in touch with Arabian Gulf Investments:


  • Access to Exclusive Opportunities:

Arabian Gulf Investments provides access to the exclusive opportunities right on time as their team is working in the financial industry 24/7 and stays updated.

  • Complete Transparency:

Arabian Gulf Investments is completely transparent in its operations allowing the investors the insights and be comfortable.

  • Compliance with the Regulatory Standards:

Arabian Gulf Investments is one of the very few companies that provide 100% fraud-free services. The team of Arabian Gulf Investments makes sure that all of the operations sit compliant with the regulatory standards.

  • Secure Transactions:

Arabian Gulf Investments is a user-friendly platform that allows the users to transact in the most secure and confidential method possible.

  • Seamless Process for Buying & Selling:

Arabian Gulf Investments possesses a seamless and standardized system for buying and selling providing the user the ease to operate.

  • Support:

Arabian Gulf Investments provides full support from corporate finance experts.

  • Tracking:

Arabian Gulf Investments provides detailed investment tracking and performance reporting.


The Gulf region and Saudi Arabia specifically have become a hot place to invest capitals lately. However, the unique culture of the country and a different kind of government rule often makes it hard for foreigners to make smooth investments. Arabian Gulf Investments aim to close exactly that gap and make profitable bi-lateral business deals in the region. Consultancy brings clarity to the business deals and the global trade flourishes exceptionally.

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