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Sharjah is the third largest Emirate of UAE both in terms of population and area. Its’ economy plays an important role in diversifying the whole economy of the UAE as it is not directly dependent on oil production. Sharjah maintained a stable and steady growth of 6% a year from the year 2010 to 2015. However, since the neighboring emirates of Sharjah depend heavily on oil production, it also faced a downfall during 2014 and its economy has slowed since 2015.

Since Sharjah is the third-largest economy of the UAE, the government of Sharjah has been active in developing a range of different measures to diversify the emirate’s economy and depend less on oil production. Sharjah-China “Belt and Road” Business Round Table at Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry arranged by the Sharjah FDI Office and Invest in Sharjah with the collaboration of Chinese counterparts is an example of how the emirate is working to build a global and diversified economy.


Advantages of Investing in Sharjah

Global powers such as China and India are taking interest in Sharjah despite its low share in the oil production capacity of the UAE. This is due to different advantages Sharjah bestows upon the businessmen entering the region. Following is a breakdown of the advantages of investing Sharjah:

Support for Medium and Small Sized Businesses

Sharjah has always been an advocate of supporting a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. Since the emirate can not depend on oil production, it promotes medium and small-sized businesses focusing on real estate, manufacturing, tourism, gas, education, logistics, healthcare, and business services. Sharjah is reported to house over 45,000 small and medium-sized businesses.

Strategic Location

Sharjah is blessed with a strategic location that makes it super important for the UAE, both domestically and internationally. In the country, it serves as a gateway to the northern emirates while internationally it lies on the strategic location between Europe and the Far East. Sharjah allows the UAE to connect with the emerging economies of India, Iran, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Iraq.



Probably the greatest advantage of Sharjah is its three finest deepwater harbors in the UAE. Sharjah hosts one of the world’s largest container transshipment ports named Khor Fakkan. Aside from the fact that it is a large port with humongous capacity, it is also blessed with a strategic location, on Sharjah’s Indian Ocean coast. This location makes Khor Fakkan the obvious choice of shipping lines with large transshipment volumes.

Expo Centre

Sharjah also hosts the Expo Center, which lies in the heart of the region and provides UAE a strategic position regarding the business and commercial operations. The Sharjah Expo Center was established in 1977 by the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry and was the first facility of its kind in the region. Today it is the forefront of trade affairs, conventions, and exhibitions in the region.


List of Large Companies Located in Sharjah

  1. Dana Gas: Oil and Gas
  2. Air Arabia: Airlines
  3. Dar Al Khaleej Printing and Publishing: Publishing
  4. Information Systems Associates FZE
  5. Sharjah Islamic Bank: Financials
  6. Al Inshra Group of Companies: Manufacturing
  7. BERG Engineering CO. LLC: Manufacturing


Investment Consultants in Sharjah

The UAE has been diversifying its economy since 2014 and Sharjah has been a front player in the race as its economy doesn’t directly depend on oil production. The best of the government’s efforts are devoted to driving foreign investment into Sharjah.

Several private investment consultancy agencies are also operating in the emirate to facilitate global wealth keepers.

Arabian Gulf Investments has made its mark in providing excellent consultancy for global investors. Arabian Gulf Investments, also known as AGI, is a group of serial entrepreneurs well trained in financial systems and rich knowledge of cultural influence.

Arab cultural influence is prevalent in the entire Middle East region and Sharjah is no less than the others. AGI provides global investors not only a sound knowledge of the financial regulations imposed by the government but also a way into understanding the culture of Sharjah.


Benefits of Working with Arabian Gulf Investments

All-round Consultancy: AGI offers sell-side as well as buy-side consultancy services to its clients. This means that the company will help you make smart investments as well as help you sell your assets at the best price possible.

Transparency: Transparency is one of the main principles of AGI. The client is briefed about every single tiniest aspect of the investment and the process.

Law Abiding: AGI’s workings, especially emphasize over building 100% compliance with the regulatory standards of UAE’s government.

Support, Tracking, and Perform: The clients of AGI enjoy full-time support from the financial experts, tracking of their investments, and the performance of their assets.



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