Investing in United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is a rising international player in terms of investing and is considered as a dominant regional state and middle power. The country has secured its position in major co-operations such as OPEC, the United Nations, the Arab League, the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Non-Aligned Movement, and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

The United Arab Emirates has the second-largest economy in the Gulf Region falling behind just Saudi Arabia. According to a report by the International Monetary Fund, United Arab Emirate’s GDP in 2019 is 427.876 billion dollars which is expected to grow to 449.130 billion dollars in 2020 and 469.501 in 2021.

Why Invest in the United Arab Emirates?

The United Arab Emirates is a tourism magnet location. It has all the tricks, from sunny beaches to stunning skyscrapers, to gain a high frequency of tourism visits. The country plans to use its location and infrastructure to build a diversified economy that doesn’t rely on the exports of petroleum. United Arab Emirate’s economy was based on 85% over the exports of petroleum in 2009. This heavy reliance made the government take measures in the non-oil sectors and followed the steps of making investment procedures easy in the country to allow foreign direct investment.

Currently, the United Arab Emirates is one of the most favored locations for starting a  business in the world. Foreign direct investments in the United Arab Emirates are increasing dramatically over the years. Here is a chart explaining the figures:

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Source: UNCTAD, 2019

FDI inward flow has gained up with each passing year and according to a Report by Gulf News, it is reported to grow by 20% in the year 2019. Following are the main reasons for this hyper foreign investment trend:

Strategic Location

United Arab Emirate sits in a blessed strategic location right between the west and the east. The natural location of the country makes it accessible to the major economies, especially Saudi Arabia and Qatar and touches the shipping routes and goods; transportation between the Middle East region, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Wide Variety of Business Locations:

One of the major aspects of business is the location. United Arab Emirates  excels in providing the best options for business locations and premises. The key strong point of United Arab Emirates is the wide variety of locations it provides. This allows the investor to choose the best fit from a long list of viable options such as business centers, shopping malls, commercial buildings and towers, industrial areas, and much more.

Advanced Infrastructure:

Highly developed and advanced technology infrastructure is another strong business-friendly trait of United Arab Emirate. The country was ranked first in the region and 17th in the world for its infrastructure. The government of United Arab Emirate continues to pour in billions in the development of infrastructure in its Vision 2021 plan. In 2016, groundbreaking news for the global investors was announced by Dubai. It promised to build the world’s largest wholesale city which will be a hot investment area for global investors.

Ease of Doing Business:

United Arab Emirate is not only a hot place to invest but a super easy and investor-friendly place to be. Doing Business Organization ranked United Arab Emirate at no 11 in the list of the countries that are easy to business in. The country was ranked 1st for getting electricity, 2nd for paying taxes, 5th for dealing with construction permits, 7th for registering property, and 9th for enforcing contracts.

Growing Economy:

United Arab Emirate has the second largest economy in the region behind only Saudi Arabia. The massive exports of petroleum bring in more than 400 billion dollars every year. Even at this huge amount, the United Arab Emirate’s economy is growing each year.

According to the studies conducted by the trading economics’ team, the growth rate of the United Arab Emirate’s economy was 2.2 in March 2019. This number is quite huge compared to the massive amount of the total gross domestic product.

Political Stability:

Since its independence in 1971, the United Arab Emirate has been a smooth and peaceful constitutional monarchy. The political stability has always been a strong point for the United Arab Emirate in a region that is often volatile. Al-Bayan reported that the United Arab Emirate currently has 102 diplomatic missions around the globe including 80 embassies, 4 permanent missions, and 18 consulates.

Besides this the United Arab Emirate is a member of the Arab League, United Nations, and the Gulf Cooperation Council. According to a report by Khaleej Times, the Unite Arab Emirate is the third most peaceful country in the region.

Business Opportunities in the United Arab Emirate:

The United Arab Emirates has an economy heavily dependent on natural gas and oil reserves. Six of the emirates excluding Dubai possess huge reserves of petroleum. However, Dubai has more direct involvement in diversifying the economy of the United Arab Emirate and lifting its dependence from petroleum exports. Looking directly into the Vision 2021 plan one can see how the government of the United Arab Emirate has been promoting the non-oil sectors.

Following are the best investments currently hot in the United Arab Emirate:

Real Estate:

The hottest window for investment in the United Arab Emirate is property or Real Estate. The reasons for its success may be many. One of those reasons is the increasing popularity of the locations in the United Arab Emirate, especially in Dubai. The prices of properties in the United Arab Emirate may not be low generally but compared to similar luxurious developed countries, the United Arab Emirate has relatively cheaper rates. The return of investments in the property gamble in the United Arab Emirate is worth investing as it is the next big thing for attracting the businesses and high-end people into the United Arab Emirate for setting up offices or adopting a luxurious lifestyle.

Retail Business:

Retail business is another great window for business in the United Arab Emirate. Retail business has been increasing in the past few years in the United Arab Emirate because of the increase in population and high frequency of tourist visits. Investing in warehouse business or front retail marts can be a smart choice for the new investors.

Hospitality & Tourism:

This goes without saying that the United Arab Emirate is one of the most visited tourist countries. The breathtaking buildings, luxurious hotels, and amusement locations of the United Arab Emirate have never failed to attract the global tourism. United Arab Emirate is the only country that attracts more visitors than its population. Investing in hotels or anything that attracts the tourists would be a wise and profitable decision.

Logistics and Transport:

United Arab Emirate is the second largest economy in the region and its GDP is constantly growing so it is quite safe to think that it would soon make an impact on its neighboring countries. When that would happen, the need for logistics and transport would follow immediately.

Online Investments in United Arab Emirate:

The easiest method of driving foreign investments into the United Arab Emirate was to open its market to the global investors online. Dubai Financial Market was founded in 2000 and as of 2014 it had listed 67 companies on its list. The Financial market of the United Arab Emirate allows global investors to make smooth investments online. Mutual funds are one of the main investments the foreigners can make into the United Arab Emirate. If you are looking to invest the online way into the United Arab Emirate then doing it through a company based in the Gulf region would be the smarter choice. Arabian Gulf Investments is the easiest way to make a foothold in the United Arab Emirate.

Arabian Gulf Investments in United Arab Emirates:

United Arab Emirate offers multiple profitable opportunities to invest online. However, it may become a bit confusing for a non-Arab to invest directly into the United Arab Emirate’s market. Investment is already a complex art and the added regional confusion can make it riskier. Arabian Gulf Investments, often called Arabian Gulf Investments, is exactly the solution for this. Arabian Gulf Investments offers a virtual state-of-the-art private investment marketplace as well as professional consulting services to make the grounds even for global investors. The company is compiled of a group of enthusiast entrepreneurs paving the way for the global investments into the Gulf region.

United Arab Emirate, like the other Gulf countries, has a different business culture from the rest of the world. Arabian Gulf Investments provides a direct way for foreigners to access United Arab Emirate’s financial market online. To make things simpler, Arabian Gulf Investments offers the advice of professional regional financial experts. The main vision of the company is to create a globally trusted investment ecosystem to empower regional companies, improve transparency and uphold the integrity, and confidentiality of the regional marketplace.

Why Arabian Gulf Investments is the Best Option?

There may be many other financial investment companies in the Gulf region but Arabian Gulf Investments has successfully managed to dominate the region and build trust in the hearts of global investors.

Here are a few main reasons which made this possible for them.

All-Round Consultancy: Arabian Gulf Investments offers sell-side as well as buy-side consultancy services to its clients. This means that the company will help you make smart investments as well as help you sell your assets at the best price possible.

Transparency: Transparency is one of the main principles of Arabian Gulf Investments. The client is briefed about every single tiniest aspect of the investment and the process.

Law Abiding: Arabian Gulf Investment’s workings especially emphasize over building 100% compliance with the regulatory standards of United Arab Emirate’s government.

Support, Tracking, and Perform: The clients of Arabian Gulf Investments enjoy full-time support from the financial experts, tracking of their investments, and the performance of their assets.

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