3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Hiring an Investment Consultant

In our last post we promised you the three of the major questions that one should ask himself before hiring an investment consultant. Well, here’s our take on this.

Is it the right time to hire an Investment Consultant?

Sometimes people get so confused with the importance of investment consultant that they hire one when they really don’t need to. “Is it the right time to hire an investment consultant?”.

Timing is critical when making capital or investment decisions. As a business owner or an individual it is important to be aware of your current position whether mentally or financially.

You should have the right state of mind and your cash flows need to be sufficient to grow your business and/or your portfolio returns. It is important to scout a seasoned investment consultant before things get too big to control or too distressed to revive.

Is this Investment Consultant capable of keeping it simple? 

It is a common practice to actually like the complex investments. The more complex an investment is, the smarter it sounds. However, in most cases, if it is not simple to understand, then it is risky business. The consultant’s job is to make it simple, meanwhile ensuring a level of integrity to keep you well informed about the risks associated and the potential of unfortunate downturns.

Remember that the right investments should be comprehensible and structures should be simplified to allow seamless, yet secure processes and procedures. Even if the investments don’t make sense to you it is the job of the consultant to bring sense and enlighten you.


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What is the Price for Advice?

Valuable advice is priceless. There is no set rule for the price of investment advice. A business or investor seeking professional guidance around his/her capital and investment goals should always analyze the market and gather a good knowledge of what investment firms are charging. One should always know about the rates before hiring a consultant.  

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